Like a written portfolio.

Relevant XKCD

Relevant XKCD

First and foremost, this blog is for my personal use. To use it as a sort of journal, to be able to write about the topics I learn, and to learn more about them in the process.

But I also believe being able to show or prove your skills is as important as having them.

Let’s imagine for a moment a painter that doesn’t expose his/her paintings, or a musician that doesn’t upload his/her creations to online platforms. It is not absolutely necessary, of course not, but I guess that by not sharing them they are denying themselves the chance of being judged, advised, criticized by peers… tools that help everyone do a better job next time.

Likewise, if you are a Frontend Developer you need to have a portfolio. Somehow it seems to be the only way in which you can prove what you can do, and most of the time the only way of scoring a gig.

But being an “Errands Boy” - where your job is juggling between different technologies and tasks with the sole purpose of making things work - well, persuading others that you CAN get the job done isn’t as simple as it sounds.

So a Blog it is. I can’t think of a better way of exposing what I do, and some time from now, in the future, cringe hard at these posts because I learned a better way.

P.S.: And getting everyone to stop asking “What do you do at work?” and “Can you fix my printer?” No, I can’t. Nobody can.