Because “Wordpress” sounds like 2000. And content is what matters.

This Blog is made in Hugo. 3 reasons:

  1. There is no need to re-invent the wheel (unless you really want to learn about wheels)
  2. I’m not into Web Development and currently it’s not in my top priorities
  3. Hugo is awesome

Hugo is a static site generator-framework-thingy built in GO. It is characterized by it’s ease-of-use, build speed, and low footprint. And if these 3 core features are not enough, check these out:

  • It’s Cross Platform
  • Has lots of Themes to choose from
  • You can see changes immediately with Live Reload
  • Has Google Analytics integration
  • It’s highly customizable
  • It’s called Hugo, therefore you can trust it

And more.

If this is a simple site it’s because I like a simple site, not because Hugo is basic. And you are not seeing a plain HTML site because I’m still a decent human being. The point being: don’t be mistaken. The 200+ themes list you can pick from doesn’t give room for complaints. For example, you can create a beautiful documentation site with Docsy, an introduction to your amazing new shiny product with Vex, or a simple, readable site like this with Jane.

Set a Theme, a configuration file, and a decent file structure, and you’ll have a static site that will satisfy even the most eye-trained user.

And in this case there is absolutely no need to develop a Blog from scratch, what matter is stability and how easily can I publish content.

XKCD is like a 'Simpsons' episode, you can quote pretty much anything.

Another XKCD

XKCD is like a 'Simpsons' episode, you can quote pretty much anything.

Also, files can be Markdown formatted so adding content is as simple as writing some notes with a little bit of spicy metadata.

It’s like magic, it really is.

And I don’t have any plans of making a “how-to” guide, maybe in the future. Hugo already has its own “Hugo guide”, the quick start. And also the docs.

Read them, they are good.